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Spokane Graphics & Glass has cost effective solutions for solar control and energy efficient windows on buildings and commercial property in Spokane and surrounding areas. If you have been thinking of tinting the windows on your building, call me Rob. Window tinting is great for businesses, churches, offices and many other places in Spokane looking for ways to reduce energy cost. Only window films used in window tinting and certain types of glass coating can reject heat, insulate, and block harmful U.V. rays without reducing your ability to see through the glass, like window treatments can do.


  • Reduce glare while Lowering cooling costs & insulate glass.

  • One way mirror viewing & Visibility control.

  • Protect personnel & property from damaging sun rays.

  • Strengthen glass to reinforce windows for safety & security.

  • Commercial films are made specifically for buildings and designed be long lasting window tint.

  • Window Tinting comes in a variety of shades, all with an average of 60% to 80% heat rejection and block 98% of U.V. rays.